Saturday, April 23, 2011

Forever 21's Love & Beauty nail polish swatches

Vanilla Ice, Light Grey, Grey

Vanilla Ice

Light Grey


Forever 21 nail polishes are one of my favorites. They are super pigmented and creamy, they come in so many different colors and they're usually up to date with the "trendy" colors and they are really, really, REALLY affordable ($2.80 to be exact). 


  1. are they as good quality as opi and essie? do they chip easier?

  2. im not sure how long they wear without chipping cause i usually never keep a color on long enough to see.. but im sure with a good topcoat (i recommend seche vite topcoat) they wouldnt chip easily.
    And they are pretty comparable to essie and opi given their price

  3. Love the duo chrome on the grey!